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In the current Hiring World, a polished & professional LinkedIn is a MUST-HAVE for serious candidates & professionals in any industry. Use your profile to apply for jobs, connect with other like-minded professionals, and network with recruiters.

Regardless of your Career Goals – LinkedIn is a POWERFUL tool for jobseekers!

LinkedIn Profile Development Service

Did you know that more than 260 million people use LinkedIn monthly?

With so many potential candidates & industry leaders, you need your profile to stand out, so recruiters notice you above everyone else. Sounds simple, right?

Well… most people don’t know what info and keywords to use in their profile to make it as eye-catching as possible. I am not in any way affiliated with LinkedIn, I just LOVE their service and what they offer job seekers. I CAN and WILL help you make sure that your LinkedIn is completely optimized and will help you get noticed by recruiters & hiring managers – this is your time to shine. When you hire me to optimize your profile, you can rest assured knowing that I use the latest techniques and knowledge of LinkedIn Optimization strategies to ensure that your profile is powerful and visible.

Let’s get started today.

Interested In My Other Packages?

LinkedIn Optimzation – $125

You’re probably wondering…do I really need a LinkedIn profile? The answer is, without a doubt, YES!

Employers today are relying more and more on social media and online networks to pre-interview candidates, and this is where your professional online presence truly matters. LinkedIn was developed to assist networking – use it to promote your personal brand as well as connect with companies, recruiters, and others in your field. Not only will you look immediately polished and serious about your career; to employers, it makes you a top candidate.

The Necessities

A resume, as well as your online presence, must be appear polished and professional. To help with this I offer not only executive format resumes, but a LinkedIn Profile writing and developm ent/makeover service as well. Your information will be kept completely confidential, and will only be used to present you in the best way possible.

A LinkedIn Only Package will run you just $125, and you can place your order by clicking the ORDER HERE button above!

If you are unimpressed with your results when trying to develop your LinkedIn Profile yourself, you may want to consider seeking professional assistance. Although professional LinkedIn services will come with a cost, you will likely be satisfied with the end result (and eventually, so will potential employers!) Did you know that a strong, professional LinkedIn can help you increase your interview offers and salary too? I think that is pretty great and at this point you have to ask yourself why would you not go ahead and get your LinkedIn Profile optimized by a professional when your career is at stake.

No matter if you decide to do it yourself or hire a professional, one thing remains constant: having a LinkedIn, especially a professional looking profile, will increase your likelihood of finding a new job…possibly on the career path of your dreams.

My Service Delivers:

  1. Strategies to help you reach the next steps in your career;
  2. Door-Opening Resume;
  3. Confidence in your ability to express your unique value to employers;
  4. Increased skill in negotiating a balance of your value and compensation;
  5. A polished, professional LinkedIn Profile.

Want a Free LinkedIn Review?

Contact me today and include a link to your LinkedIn Profile and I would be happy to take a look at it and let you know what it is lacking and how I can help!

You’re changing jobs. Changing careers. Changing bosses. And changing your attitude…How will you market yourself to attract the right employer? 

…Because you’re smart enough to know you don’t have to go through this process alone. When prospective employers hold your resume in their hands or view your LinkedIn Profile, you have only one chance to make a good impression and secure that coveted face-to-face interview. In other words: it’s all about perceived value and representation on the page.

I have worked on numerous LinkedIn Profiles, developing them to make them successful. You can be sure and confident that I will develop a brilliant polished and professional LinkedIn Profile that recruiters will LOVE. When I develop your LinkedIn Profile, I don’t just make it a replica of your resume. I strategically position your profile to the optimal position for recruiters and employers to take notice of and contact you!

Leave it to me! I am here to help!