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Resume, LinkedIn Profile or Career Questions? I Have the Answers!
There are a lot of resume writing and career services out there. Why should I hire you?

That is a great question. What makes me different… Well first of all, I offer a very personalized service. I tell it like it is. I’m funny. And I utilize an extremely efficient process that will alleviate your stress while understanding current technology, keyword scanners, and how social media and branding will get you hired.

What Resume Format do you use?
All of the resumes I develop for clients are in an Executive Resume Format which is the most polished and professional possible. It really allows your background and achievements stand out and allows the recruiter/reader get a strong picture of how you are going to benefit their company. My goal is to make you the ideal candidate.
Will I get the Resume in Word? Or PDF?
Yes, you will receive the resume and all corresponding documents in MS Word (fully editable) and also a PDF. I always recommend utilizing the PDF when applying as it is universal in appearance.
What work is required of me?
I encourage you to be proactive with me. You already understand the idea of investing in yourself to get ahead in your career. I know this because you are here on this website and about to contact me by CLICKING HERE.  But all seriousness aside- what I will need and what I encourage my clients to do is to fill out a question sheet I will provide to you once you place your order.  I know, I know… it might seem impersonal- trust me, I will get out so much info from this I will be able to develop the very best document for you. And don’t worry if you are not a great writer- that is my job. I need good solid basics- like what you did, where you worked, your specialties, achievements. Let me put it all together for you.
How long is that resume question sheet going to take?
Most clients tell me it takes them about 10-15 minutes max. That is not a long time when you are serious about your career and ready to become more successful.
Do you offer a guarantee that I'll get a job?

I obviously cannot guarantee you will get a job – as that is out of my control. BUT I can and I WILL guarantee you will get an interview with the career help, resume writing, and LinkedIn development I provide for you. If you have not received a single interview in 60 days of active searching – contact me and I will rewrite it all for free.

How do I get started?
Just click the ORDER NOW button under that package on my ORDER page, and then purchase the package that best suits your needs.
How and when do I pay?
After you click on the ORDER NOW button under one of my packages on the ORDER page you’ll be taken to my payment processing page, which is hosted by PayPal. You do not, need a PayPal account to purchase the resume or coaching services. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or any other major credit card. Because of the significant time investment on my end, I do require upfront payment in full. Keep in mind that I offer a 100% interview guarantee on all of my packages. My job is to make you successful..
Have other questions about my services?

Click HERE to Contact Me..

How many Revisions can I do?
I don’t have a set number. Typically, a single revision is done once you see the final documents. Usually it is because the client wanted to add something and remembered after the fact. And that is OK! I am here to help. A strong confident resume will make you successful!
Do you develop LinkedIn Profiles?
Yes! Absolutely! When you order the Executive Package from my ORDER page- I will develop and create your profile to mirror your resume and your goals for your career. My clients see an increase upwards of 200% increase in their profile activity and contacts, including interview offers.
Why do I need a LinkedIn profile?
LinkedIn profiles are the hottest thing in the job market today. They are not a fad. LinkedIn has become the most effective way to find a job and build a professional network. But more importantly it allows recruiters and companies to find you. If you job search without a LinkedIn profile, you are seriously limiting your opportunities.
What is the turnaround time for services?
I offer a 5-7 business day turnaround on the Pro Package and Executive Packages. I also offer Next Day RUSH options for both of those 🙂
Do you offer any Guarantees?

Yes, I offer a 60 day interview guarantee. If you have not received a single interview after 60 days of active job searching with my completed documents, contact me and I will rewrite it all for free. My goal is to make sure you GET interviews. I am here to help. Your success is my #1 priority.

What is the Process like?
Once you place an order on my Order Page for whichever career service you would like, I will send out an email to you to let you know I received the order, and to also get you going. You will have a short questionnaire to answer. Please fill that out and send it back to me, along with an old resume if you have one. I will then confirm that information, and let you know your expected delivery date for your order. (typically 5-7 business days once the info is provided to me).
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