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Getting a Resume done with me, The Resume Dude is SIMPLE!

I write for every Industry & Background, from Entry Level to Executive.

I have seen it all, and no matter if you are a career changer, or staying within your industry, I can help!

At the end of the day – my job is to get you interviews and I will. I guarantee it! With my expertise, the resume I develop for you WILL open the doors to the perfect job you are seeking. The job hunt is hard… but with me, it doesn’t have to be! Not only am I going to develop a STRONG document to land you the interview, but I am going to give you the confidence you need to go in and ROCK the interview!

Optimize Your Resume

Hiring departments use Applicant Tracking Software and keyword scanners to sort through resumes. If your document doesn’t contain what employers are seeking, you will lose your chance of securing that position.

My focus is on results – I ensure that your resume and LinkedIn are optimized and ATS-compliant.

Get Noticed

Writing about yourself is hard. Writing a resume and LinkedIn profile in a way that ensures you get noticed is even harder.

That’s where I can help. Let me analyze your career and write the resume you need to get the attention of the hiring manager and recruiters.

Land Interviews

I am so confident in my services that I guarantee your new resume WILL land you interviews.

I always strive to thoroughly understand what you need, and will make sure that you stand out from the crowd. My professional services will help you achieve the job of your dreams.


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I am happy to say your services gave me the confidence I needed. Not only did your resume get me the interview, it helped me ace the interview, landing me the job. Thank You!

Jonathan D.


Ethan’s LinkedIn Optimization really boosted my profile visibility – I have recruiters contacting me daily!

I’m so glad I chose the Executive package. It has really made me stand out as a major candidate, which is awesome!

Susan E.


I knew I wanted a change in my life but I couldn’t decide on a career path.

After working with Ethan, I am confident & excited for my job search, and my Resume & LinkedIn are stronger than ever!

Mark S.


Are you interested in changing jobs, or possibly even your career?

Even if you have begun to search, or if you are coming up empty-handed, take a close look at your resume. Speaking of which…are you even using one?

Many job seekers mistakenly believe that interviews are the most important component of receiving offers. While this may be partially true, it is important to remember that a quality resume is not only important, but necessary to landing that interview in the first place! Even if a company only requires completion of their internal application, always attach a resume as well.

Though the importance of a great resume is becoming wider-realized, many people continue to avoid them. Why? Because resumes, especially ones considered perfect, can be pretty difficult to write. If you feel unsure as to how to write your professional resume, one that will land you multiple interviews, read on. Just a few of many options are outlined below.

The internet is a great resource for all things resume-related; examples are career websites, explaining processes and providing tips for writing a professional document. I really love the points made here about how to make sure your resume fits the industry trends of the future. Finding free resume templates online is also an option. These can be used as guides to attain that perfect page.

On the same subject…did you know many computer programs, like Microsoft Word, offers free templates as well? If you are using either of these or anything similar, be sure to examine the various offerings. When using your computer’s own programs, you will often have a number of additional options and styles that are already pre-installed!

The biggest problem with using basic templates like those from Microsoft is that you simply will not stand out like you should in a resume. The formats are old and tired. They are outdated too. Resumes need to wow and make a reader take notice. I think many of the free resume templates you will find online or through programs will harm your chances in getting past ATS scanners as well. There are a number of different options if you want to create a professional resume on your own.  Do you really want to chance getting an interview to the job you really want by having a resume in a generic template found online?

If you are unimpressed with your results when trying to write a resume yourself, you may want to consider seeking professional assistance. From not feeling confident or not even receiving interview offers, your resume is most likely the issue. Although professional resume services will come with a cost, you will likely be satisfied with the end result (and eventually, so will potential employers!) Did you know that a strong, professional resume can help you increase your interview offers and salary too? Sounds pretty great, and at this point you have to ask yourself why would you not go ahead and get your resume written by a professional when your career is at stake.